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My Car in the USA - The old Explorer Truck

People always ask me, which car I am using for all my travels and how does this car looks like. That’s why I have added a couple of pictures on this web page:

88 Chevy S10

The new Explorer Truck

Unfortunately my mechanic in Warrendale, PA, screwed up my old S10 truck so tremendously, that I am not able to get this truck with a reasonable amount of money reliable back on the road. There have been also some private und job related “turbulences”, which drove me to the decision to take a longer time off. That’s why I bought an Unimog in December 2017, which I am currently working on to build an expedition truck for the big journey.

1991 Unimog U1550 Expedition Truck

My Cars in Germany

From March 2005 — August 2010 I drove a Jeep Cherokee:

96 XJ Jeep Cherokee

Since August 2010 I am driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee:

2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee