Unimog U1550 Expedition Truck

The new Explorer Truck

In December 2017 I bought this Unimog, which I will now modify to be a real Expedition Truck. The rework on the shelter can be read in Unimog Shelter Rework and Unimog Shelter Buildup. All work on the truck itself can be found in Unimog Truck Rework.

  • Front
  • Unimog U1550 Expedition Truck Unimog U1550 Expedition Truck
    Unimog U1550 Expedition Truck
  • Some technical information:
  • Build 90, first time on the road 91
  • Engine 6l Diesel Inter cooling, approx. 200HP
  • 7.49t
  • Unicat Shelter
  • Roof Rack with branch deflector
  • 2x250l Diesel tanks, electrical switchover and with SEPAR Diesel heater
  • 8 gear Double-H Standard, all gears forward and reverse
  • Split gear and working gear resulting in 32 different usable gears
  • Very fast axles for maximum speed of 68mph
  • 4WD and locks can be activated separately